NB San Diego, CA (32nd Street Naval Station) - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    NB San Diego has fourteen gates, twelve traffic and two pedestrian, designated by their locations on either the Wet or Dry side of base. The Main Gate 6, which is located on 32nd St and Gate 15, located on 28th St are both open 24 hours. The Pedestrian Only Gates 5A and 43 are also open 24 hours. Gate 2 hours are M-F: 0500-1500, but from 0500-0800 there are no Outbound lanes. Located on South 32nd St, Gate 6A is open 0500-1700, M-F. Gate 7 sits at Harbor Dr and Vesta St, and its hours are M-F: 0500-1900 and weekends: 0500-0800; closed holidays. Gate 9 is open twice a day, M-F: 0500-0800 and 1430-1700, and is located at Harbor Drive and 8th St. Gate 13, which is near Pier 13 on Harbor Dr, is open to Inbound traffic from 0500-0800 and Outbound traffic from 1500-1700. The Naval Exchange off 32nd St can be reach via Gate 23, which is open M-Sat: 0600-2200; Sun & Holidays: 0600-2100. Located on Vesta St, Gate 29 is open to morning traffic only M-F, 0500-0800, but doesn't permit pedestrians. Gate 32 is at the junction of Main, Division and Yua Streets at Anchors and is open M-F: 0500-1900. Gate 40 is at Building 279/280 and is open 0430-2000, M-F. Gate 8, located on Harbor Drive between 32nd and 8th Streets is currently Closed.

    Other NB San Diego Gates which aren't listed bellow belong to: 

    The Navy Region Southwest HQ / NAVFAC Headquarters: Post 26 for the Broadway Complex-Quarterdeck is open M-F, 0600-1800. Gate 27, which is the Broadway Complex Pacific Hwy entrance, is open 24 hours and Post 33A for the NAVFAC HQ located at 1220 Pacific Hwy is currently Closed.

    The Navy Medical Center San Diego: The Main Gate located at Bob Wilson Dr, and the ER Gate located at Ambulance Way and Wieber Ave, are both open 24 hours. O Lot Gate on McIntire Dr is open M-F, 0530-2000.

    Gate 6 (Wet Side-32nd) - Main Gate
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 2 (Wet Side-NASSCO)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1500
    Inbound only: Mon-Fri 0500-0800
    Gate 5A (Wet Side-Pedestrian)
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 6A (Wet Side-S 32nd)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1700
    Gate 7 (Wet Side-Harbor & Vesta)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1900
    Weekends: 0500-0800
    Closed Holidays
    Gate 8 (Wet Side-Harbor at 32nd & 8th)
    Gate Operation Information: Closed
    Gate 9 (Wet Side-Harbor & 8th)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-0800 & 1430-1700
    Gate 13 (Wet Side-Harbor / Pier 13)
    Gate Operation Information: Inbound: Mon-Fri 0500-0800
    Outbound: Mon-Fri 1500-1700
    Gate 15 (Dry Side-28th)
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 23 (Dry Side-32nd at NEX)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sat: 0600-2200
    Sun & Holidays: 0600-2100
    Gate 29 (Dry Side-Vesta)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-0800 (No Pedestrians)
    Gate 32 (Dry Side-Main/Division/Yua at Anchors)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0500-1900
    Gate 40 (Dry Side-Bldg. 279/280)
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Fri: 0430-2000
    Gate 43 (Dry Side-32nd & Norman Scott)
    Gate Operation Information: **Pedestrians Only**